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Resources to help children & young people worship at home

We know how hard parents are working at the moment to juggle childcare, home schooling and working from home at an already anxious and unsettled time. We don’t want parents to feel that worshipping at home is another ‘chore’ to add to this list! We hope that worship as a family can be a time to pause and reflect together in the midst of uncertainty and challenge.

We have produced some resources to help families explore faith at home in creative and interactive ways.

Click here for a list of books to help children explore faith at home
Click here for a list of books to help young people explore faith at home
Click here for guidance for churches on supporting children and young people during Covid-19

Church @ Home

Church @ Home is a resource for families with children aged 4-11 years (and younger children could join in with these activities).

You could use this to have a time of Sunday worship at home while churches are closed, or to worship and explore faith at another time during the week. All the activities use things you will hopefully have around your home.

Church @ Home suggests using The Lion Storyteller Bible – you might like to buy a copy of this from Amazon or Eden.co.uk.

Click here to download Church@Home PDFs

Faith @ Play

Faith @ Play is a resource for families with children under 5 (and you might want to use this alongside our resources for older children).

You might like to use these activities if you usually go to a church toddler group. All the activities use things you will hopefully have around your home.

Faith @ Play suggests using The Candle Bible for Toddlers – you might like to buy a copy of this from Amazon or Eden.co.uk.

Click here to download Faith@Play PDFs


Space2Be is a resource for young people aged 11-18 years. You can use it to pray and worship on your own or with other people in your family.

Space2Be gives you links to find Bible verses online if you don’t have one at home, but if you’d like to buy your own Bible, we recommend a Youth Bible.

Click here to download Space2Be PDFs

Dealing with anxiety

This may be a challenging time for children, young people and the adults caring for them. We care about the wellbeing of all children and young people and know how important it is to promote positive mental and spiritual health. We have created some lists of books that can help children and young people deal with anxiety and worry and enable parents to support them with this.

Click here for books to help children deal with anxiety
Click here for books to help young people deal with anxiety
Click here for books to help parents deal with anxiety

Other resources

There are lots of other organisations working hard to produce resources to enable families to worship from home at this time. Here are some of the best resources we have found:

For Parents

Faith at Home | YCW

Faith at Home is a monthly digital magazine for parents to encourage you in sharing and exploring faith at home. Sign up for a free account with Youth and Children’s Work magazine and you can download all current and previous editions.

Visit the Faith at Home website

Be Refreshed | Care for the Family

Be Refreshed is a journey through the psalms for busy mums and dads. It gives you 14 short devotionals to do at home. You could take 10 minutes to yourself each day or week to have a read and be with God.

Download Be Refreshed

Parenting for Faith

Parenting for Faith are running an online version of their video-based parenting course via Facebook Watch Party. The course is designed to empower and equip parents to share and explore faith at home. You can watch the videos at anytime and either meet virtually with other parents from your church to discuss them or join an online discussion at 8pm every Thursday.

Find out more about the Parenting for Faith Watch Party here

Inspire | Kitchen Table Project

Inspire is a video-based parenting series designed to get you thinking about why it's important to share faith at home. You can download the videos, watch them at home and then you could meet virtually with some other parents from your church to share your thoughts and experiences.

Find out more about Inspire here

Printable Resources

Together At Home

Join the Together at Home Facebook group to receive weekly lectionary-based printable resources that encourage families to spend time together exploring the Bible at home while churches are closed.

Visit the Together at Home Facebook Group

Together Apart | The Reflectionary

Together Apart is a set of lectionary-based intergenerational resources for worshipping at home including Bible stories, craft activities and colouring sheets.

View Together Apart resources on the Reflectionary website

Illustrated Ministry

Illustrated Ministry have produced a free booklet which incorporates prayers for when you are feeling anxious into beautiful printable colouring pages.

Download PDF

Pilgrimage at Home

This resource from Bath & Wells Diocese allows you to go on a journey both spiritually and physically within your own home with activities, Bible verses, reflections and prayers.

Download Pilgrimage at Home

Bible Chat Mat

The Go Team at Bath & Wells Diocese have produced these printable mats to encourage faith conversations at home. Colour them in, read the Bible passage and discuss the questions and pray together.

Visit the Bath and Wells Diocese website

ROOTS | Worship and learning resources for the whole church

ROOTS is producing weekly lectionary-based printable activity sheets to help children worship from home which include family time talking points, puzzles, prayers and colouring sheets.

Visit the ROOTS website

Church at Home | Bristol Diocese

Bristol Diocese are also producing a weekly 'Church at Home' pack with activities for 0-5s, 5-11s and 11-18s. Scroll to the bottom of their 'Family Faith' page to download the packs.

Visit the Bristol Diocese website

Flame | Creative Children's Ministry

The Flame Creative Children's Ministry blog has lots of fantastic ideas for interactive prayer and worship at home, including printable playdough mats and reflective colouring sheets.

Visit the Flame Creative Children's Ministry blog

Frog & Gnome | colouring pages

Frog & Gnome have produced a free booklet of beautifully designed Bible verse colouring pages for anxious times.

Visit the Frog & Gnome website

Online Resources

Engage at Home

Engage Worship are producing a daily simple prayer and worship activity for families to do together using movement, interaction, craft, play and more.

Visit the Engage Worship website

Messy Church

Messy Church have some great ideas for doing messy worship at home. They're also offering advice and support for churches who would normally run Messy Church during this time.

Visit the Messy Church website

Diddy Disciples

Diddy Disciples resources are fantastic for worshipping with under 5s. They are offering some free resources for doing church at home, and their free sample material also offers some great songs and stories to use at home.

Visit the Diddy Disciples website

Prayer Spaces in Schools

PSiS have produced some resources for praying at home around the theme of Covid-19. They use things you should have around your home to help you pray in a creative and interactive way. You will need to create a free account to access the resources.

Download the Covid-19 prayer resources


The Godventure blog has lots of creative and interactive ideas for worshipping and exploring faith at home.

Visit the Godventure website

Little Worship Company

The Little Worship Company are releasing ‘Little Worship Time’ material every Sunday that offers a thought and prayer to go alongside a child-friendly film on their Youtube channel. Join their Facebook group and follow the links to the material – you can also subscribe to receive them in weekly emails.

Join the Little Worship Company group on Facebook

Worship for Everyone

Experienced children’s worship leaders Nick and Becky Drake are leading online ‘Family At 4pm’ worship sessions via Facebook every Saturday at 4pm.

Visit the Worship for Everyone Facebook Page

Bible Podlets

These simple podcasts from Blackburn Diocese Board of Education offer Bible study and discussion suitable for all ages. Each podcast is 15-20 mins long.

Visit the Bible Podlets website

Crossroad Kids Club

The Crossroad Kids Club YouTube channel has lots of great animated videos of Bible stories to watch and talk about together.

Visit the Crossroad Kids Club YouTube channel

Saddleback Kids

The Saddleback Kids YouTube channel has lots of great animated videos of Bible stories to watch and talk about together.

Visit the Saddleback Kids YouTube channel

Online Worship Music

There are lots of places to find music online if you want to use this in your worship at home.

Rend Co Kids

This website has lots of great videos of well-known Rend Collective songs in a child-friendly style.

Visit the Rend Co Kids website

Bethel Kids

This is the official Youtube channel of Bethel Kids with videos of all their well-known songs.

Visit the Bethel Kids YouTube playlist

Hillsong Kids

This is the official Youtube channel of Hillsong Kids with videos of all their well-known songs.

Visit the Hillsong Kids YouTube channel

Same Boat Music 

Same Boat are releasing new songs each week for families to use at home. The videos display the lyrics to help you sing along. They also provide activity sheets, craft ideas and other resources to use alongside the songs.

Visit the Same Boat website