Diocese of Portsmouth

Leading as a Licensed Lay Minister

Start date
12 Jan 2021, 7 p.m.
End date
12 Jan 2021, 9 p.m.

Leading as a Licensed Lay Minister (Reader)

Parish leadership programme

From January we will be launching a lay ministry leadership programme for the diocese. This programme is for those Licensed Lay Ministers (Readers) who have or will have a role leading a substantial area of work in a church or have primary pastoral responsibility for a church within a team (being a focal minister).

This ten session course will take place over the coming year. Some sessions will involve lay ministers reflecting on their role and some will involve lay minister and incumbent working together. We will look understanding systems, leadership style, transforming conflict, church growth research, mission planning, leading meetings, implementing change and health and well being in ministry.

To discuss whether this programme might be suitable for you, please contact Anthony Rustell. To take part in the programme both lay minister and incumbent will need to decide that it is appropriate for their context. You will both be invited to take part in a Zoom session on January 12th.

The programme is free of charge. Some seminars will take place via Zoom and some in person (depending on COVID restrictions at the time).

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