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The Journey of Faith

We are all on a spiritual journey. From the moment we are born we travel through time and physical spaces, and are confronted by the question, ‘What does this all mean?’

For Christians, the answer is found in our belief in a God who entered the world in the person of Christ and abides with us now through his Holy Spirit. The challenge to us, as Christians, is to think about what these beliefs mean and how they should transform our lives.

Living Faith is a course that helps us make sense of our call to be disciples of Jesus Christ. It is a learning opportunity for those who wish to expand their understanding and experience of the Christian faith.

In a Nutshell:

  • Informative and enjoyable
  • Makes theology accessible if you have no previous study of the subject
  • A flexible discipleship course, take as many modules as you wish
  • Small, tutor-led, two-hour sessions
  • Discussion format with individual study
  • Courses at Denmead/Fareham, Isle of Wight, Petersfield and Portsmouth
  • All course materials and reader resources supplied
  • Optional written assignment opportunity

The Modules

Living Faith comprises six modules on the major practices, topics and themes of Christian belief.

Each module takes around 10 weeks to complete with a half-term break.

The full course comprises three modules per year for two years.

You can take as many modules as you wish but we encourage you to consider completing them all, beginning with Spirituality and Prayer.

Read more about the Living Faith Modules (read page 3 of the pdf)

Individual Study

You will receive a Study Guide at the beginning of every module in which there is work to be completed each week: reading and thinking, writing a sentence or two in a box, looking at pictures, maps etc.

You should set aside an hour or two between tutorials to do this.

During the tutorials, there will be a discussion of the work done at home. The tutor will also provide additional activities for the group.