Diocese of Portsmouth

Archbishop Justin Welby committed himself publicly to the battle to end modern slavery

He suggested that:

  • We can make sure that every worshipping community, of every faith, knows about modern slavery and is ready to work to prevent and put an end to these abuses.
  • We can look to our own actions and choices as consumers and users of financial services whose managers can put great pressure on companies in which they invest.
  • We can make sure that those who have been enslaved and trafficked are supported, respected and welcomed into community.
  • We can continue to press governments to implement more effective laws to root out these evils.
  • We can work with the business sector across the globe to ensure robust systems for slave-free supply chains.
  • We can reinforce the ties of friendship and trust among ourselves, and with all those who profess faith and those who do not, who share our commitment to end slavery

Anglican Communion News 8th February 2017
Archbishop of Canterbury and Ecumenical Patriarch commit to tackling modern slavery