Diocese of Portsmouth

Adopting Parish Giving Scheme in Your Church

It is a straight forward process to register your church with Parish Giving Scheme and guidance is available in the  Implementation Handbook, as well as support from Chris Parker, the Stewardship Adviser.

This page is currently under review and will be updated.

For up to date information, please contact Chris Parker.

Why look to launch Parish Giving Scheme in your church?

The simple answer is that it offers a range of benefits to your parish and donors:

The Church benefits from:

  • Stable and often increased planned giving
  • Efficient reclaim of Gift Aid
  • Protection against inflation by donors choosing to increase their giving annually in line with inflation
  • Reduced administration and paper work
  • Reduced number of volunteer hours needed

The donor benefits from:

  • Being in total control over how much they give 
  • A simple giving method which provides regular financial support to their church
  • Option to inflation-proof their giving
  • Protection provided by the Direct Debit Guarantee
  • Ability to remain anonymous if their wish

How to start using Parish Giving Scheme in your Parish?

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity the Parish Giving Scheme offers your parish then:

  1. Pray – seek God’s Guidance
  2. Discuss at PCC and pass a resolution – the Stewardship Adviser is happy to assist in this process. The FAQ and the PowerPoint for PCC’s may also assist you in this process. There are also local PGS champions (individuals from local parishes who are willing to share their PGS experience) to support you. The Stewardship Adviser can put you in contact with your local champion.
  3. Follow the Guidance in the Implementation Handbook to register your parish. An electronic version of the registration form is available
  4. Launch PGS in your parish ideally following a Stewardship Programme or Annual renewal (See Section 8 of the Implementation Handbook)
  5. Donors will sign up over time – the rate of take up relies upon the input at local level. You may choose to have one to one conversations with potential donors or send gift forms and information to them, with a covering letter:

    Sample letter to existing regular Gift Aid Givers
    Sample letter to existing non Gift Aid Envelope Givers
    Sample letter to those not yet part of planned giving in your parish
    These letters are designed for you to adapt to give a local feel to the communication.

  6. You might want to develop a page on your own website about PGS

Upon registration you will be provided with donor forms and booklets to give to individual donors and posters to display on your parish notice board.