Diocese of Portsmouth

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Have you been using the Parish Giving Scheme in your parish for a while?

Quite often there is an early flurry of donors who adopt the PGS as their preferred method of giving. Moving forward, you will need to keep the process under review to encourage further take up and growth.

Steps might include:

  • Using PGS as the only planned giving method offered to new planned givers;
  • Encouraging those who already give through PGS to become local advocates;
  • Talking about PGS in future stewardship programmes and annual renewals;
  • Writing to existing givers asking them to consider PGS as a method of giving:
    - Letter to encourage sign up as part of annual thank you
    Letter to encourage donors to convert
  • Presentations in church about PGS as a method of giving. The PowerPoint Presentation with speakers notes may assist in this process;
  • Offering the alternative of PGS when writing annual thank you letters to those who give using other means
  • If you use the giving tokens in your church, encourage existing PGS donors to use them as a visible sign of the number of people giving via PGS. A sample letter is available to support this.
  • Thanking each person who signs up to PGS:
    Sample letter of thanks
  • Refer potential new donors to the various resources available:
    Stewardship information for individuals on this website
    - Donor information section of the PGS website
    - Leaflet, “PGS explained” supplied as a free resource on sign up (Pack A)