Diocese of Portsmouth

Role of our deaneries: Live | Pray | Serve

Inevitably, the financial and practical challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic had an effect on our strategy and vision for the future. Bishop Christopher led a day in September 2020 when around 350 worshippers were able to consider the strategic options for the future via there Archdeaconry consultations, all of which took place via Zoom.

You can read the bishop’s initial address here, and an analysis of the current context by our Diocesan Secretary here. A summary of the question and answer sessions can be read here.

One of the impacts is on the role of deaneries, which will be given a larger strategic role within the diocese in the future. You can read a document detailing the next steps in our Live | Pray | Serve journey, and a report into the governance and planning of our deaneries here:

To read job descriptions for area deans and lay chairs, click here: