Diocese of Portsmouth

Prayer resources: Live | Pray | Serve

Download these prayer resources for meetings, focusing our minds on our  Live | Pray | Serve vision, and particularly the work being done in our diocese to ensure we grow in depth, impact and number.

Video prayers: Live | Pray | Serve

This is where we’ll embed the videos of lay people and clergy from around our diocese praying one-minute prayers each Monday and Friday during February and March 2021 for our Live | Pray | Serve vision and process:

May 10: the Rev Kate Macfarlane, deacon-in-charge, Hart Plain Church

Kate prays for one of the three elements of our diocesan vision - that the depth of our discipleship should increase

May 7: the Rev Jude Greenfield, team vicar, North Gosport

Jude is one of our newly-licensed team vicars in a newly-created parish. She prays for one of our diocesan values - collaboration - and asks that God helps us to collaborate between parishes and between church and community. 

May 3: the Rev Steve Sutcliffe, team vicar, Newport and Carisbrooke with Gatcombe

April 30: the Rev Mike Terry, joint vicar, St Mary's, Hook-with-Warsash

Mike prays for God to inspire our churches in evangelism and mission as they seek to grow numerically

April 26: the Rev Wendy May Jacobs, curate, Holy Trinity with St Columba, Fareham

April 23: Emma Taylor, Harbour Church, Portsmouth

Emma, who runs the Foodbank based at Harbour Church, prays that our churches would have a greater impact on their local communities

April 19: Fran Carabott, pioneer minister, St Margaret's Church, Southsea

Fran prays that we all embrace one of our diocesan values and find ways of being pioneering

April 9: Chris Nicol, trainee Reader, Portsmouth Pathway

Good Friday (April 2): Bishop Christopher

Bishop Christopher recalls the impact on our world made by Jesus on the cross, and prays that God might inspire us as his followers to make a positive impact on our communities

March 29: the Rev Dion Mabey, St John's Church, Ryde

Dion prays for us all to exhibit one of our five diocesan values: generosity

March 26: Ruth McCabe, St Jude's Church, Southsea

Ruth prays for the depth of our discipleship to grow

March 22: Jane Kelly, diocesan RE adviser for church schools

Jane prays for one of our five diocesan values: collaboration

March 19: the Rev Matthew Grove, Christ Church Portsdown

Matthew prays for a growth in the number of those locally with a Christian faith

March 15: the Rev Hugo Deadman, St James, Milton

Hugo prays for one of our five diocesan values: being resourceful

March 12: Steven Smart, treasurer, RBE North Gosport

Steven thanks God for the way in which his parish and others have been able to serve their local communities during the pandemic, and prays that we may be inspired to have an even greater impact on society.

March 8: Elaine Andrews, a reader at St Wilfrid’s, Cowplain

Elaine prays that we would all be courageous in following what God wants us to do as a diocese, and to be bold and to step out in faith together.

March 5: Elizabeth Grainger, headteacher, Yarmouth and Shalfleet C of E Primary Schools

Elizabeth prays for the deepening of discipleship in our churches and the development of the Christian ethos in our C of E schools

March 1: the Rev Dom Clarke, vicar, Blackmoor and Whitehill

Dom prays for us to embrace one of our five diocesan values: pioneering

February 26: the Rev Emma Racklyeft, All Saints Church, Denmead

Emma pray for our diocese to grow in terms of numbers

February 22: the Rev Max Cross, St Thomas and St Nicholas, Bedhampton:

Max prays for one of our diocesan values: generosity

February 17: Deb Henning-Vears, Clanfield and Catherington

Deb prays for our vacancy-in-see process to find a new Bishop of Portsmouth in the context of our Live | Pray | Serve vision:

February 15: Lay worship leaders, West Wight

These worship leaders pray about one of our five diocesan values: collaboration

February 12: Becca Chamberlain, St Faith’s Church, Lee-on-Solent

Becca prays for those working and volunteering to deepen the discipleship of our children and young people:

February 8: the Ven Jenny Rowley, Archdeacon of Portsdown

Jenny prays the Live | Pray | Serve prayer, the wording for which you can read here.