Diocese of Portsmouth


Despite stewardship being an important part of our discipleship, it is an area we often find uncomfortable to address in church, especially money wealth and possessions. We only need to look at our Bibles to know that we should embrace this area of our faith and strive for improvement.

The sheer number of Bible references (2350 to be precise) to money, wealth and possessions tell us this is of importance to God. As a result we should be striving to help those who attend our churches grow and develop a generous faith. Talking about money is perfectly acceptable in our churches. Stewardship is about faith development and growing disciples, it is about being open to God’s Will in our parishes and enabling great things within our parishes and across our Diocese.

There are manageable steps to be taken by churches and plenty of resources available to enable this progressions to occur in all parishes. The aim is to enable giving, generosity and money to be talked about openly and effectively in our parishes and for stewardship to be a routine part of parish life.

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PCC's are encouraged to write a wills and legacy's policy to explain how a legacy gift to your church would be used and how it would further the mission in your parish. Click here for further resources.

Eleanor Gill the National Legacies and Fundraising Officer has prepared an extremely helpful resource pack for PCCs. Copies of the packs can be obtained from the Stewardship Advisor, Victoria James, on 02392 899655 orvictoria.james@portsmouth.anglican.org.