Diocese of Portsmouth

    University Chaplain

    28 Mar 2018, midnight
    12 Apr 2018

    Photo Credit: University of Portsmouth, Christian Union - www.upcu.co.uk

    This a Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth vacancy

    • University Chaplain (Anglican)
    • Employment type: Permanentcontract
    • Employment basis: Full-time
    • Salary: £26,285per annumwith additional provision for housing
    • Closing date: 28 March 2018
    • Interview date: 12 April 2018

    Is God calling you to work with university students and staff?Do you have the gifts to support students discovering or affirming their faith at University?Are you skilled at pastoral care among people of any faith or none? Can you work collaboratively within the University and Portsmouth deanery to develop ministry and mission amongst young adults in a University and city-wide context?

    The University of Portsmouth, in partnership with the Diocese of Portsmouth, is seeking to appoint a priest, deacon or lay minister to work within the ecumenical Chaplaincy team of the University. The person appointed will:

    • accompany and provide pastoral support to staff and students in matters of faith and personal growth;
    • represent matters of faith among students, staff and committees within the University of Portsmouth;
    • creatively use opportunities to develop networks and to be a sign of God’s love to all, both people of other faiths and those who have none;
    • work with churches in Portsmouth to develop shared opportunities for new ministry and mission among young adults;
    • have due regard to the calling and the professional responsibilities of those serving as ministers of the Church of England, including particular regard for the safeguarding of vulnerable adults.

    The University of Portsmouth

    Portsmouth is a vibrant modern university, steadily rising up national league table rankings, and seeking to expand both its national and global impact.The campus is spread across the city centre.To serve this large and diverse educational community the University has invested in an embedded Ecumenical Chaplaincy Team.The new full-time Anglican Chaplain will work alongside:a Roman Catholic Chaplain (full-time); Free-Church Chaplain (full-time); Islamic Chaplain (half-time); and a Chaplaincy Administrator (half-time).

    The team operates from its own dedicated Chaplaincy space within the Nuffield Building.Here the central location and proximity to other student support services, Library and Students Union prove useful.However, the Chaplains’ work also takes them across the whole campus, and beyond.

    Collegiality, equality and cooperation are emphasised in the way the Team works.However, one chaplain also takes on the role of Coordinator.There is an additional allowance (currently £3000 per annum) offered for this role, which is presently held by the Free-Church Chaplain.The expectation is for the Coordinator’s role to last for three academic years and then rotate to another member of the team.

    The Diocese of Portsmouth

    The Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth covers 139 parishes across south-east Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. It embraces areas from the heart of urban Portsmouth to the rolling hills of the South Downs. Its churches range from beautiful historic Saxon and Norman buildings to modern, purpose-built centres. Its worshippers are involved with innovative mission, social justice, effective discipleship and serving their local communities and its church schools and academies are committed to providing the best education possible for local children.

    The Diocese has a blueprint for the future which can be summed up in three words: live, pray, serve. The Live | Pray | Serve strategy seeks to equip people to live as disciples of Christ; to pray, individually and together as worshipping communities; and to serve local neighbourhoods and society together.

    To achieve this, parishes, chaplaincies and church schools aim to:

    • make disciples of Christ;
    • grow churches;
    • equip people for lifelong learning; and
    • promote the transformation of society.

    These four strands embrace all the work covered by our central diocesan teams, with engagement with individual worshippers and in local communities happening at the frontline of parishes, chaplaincies and church schools.

    Live | Pray | Serve includes plans for numerical and spiritual growth, creating brand new churches, including in areas with new housing, and reaching parts of the population who have had little opportunity to explore the life of faith. New pioneer ministers are being appointed, Harbour Church was planted in 2016 in the centre of Portsmouth, aimed especially at young people and those who are new to church, and further developments are planned. 

    An Enhanced DBS check is required for this post.

    All applications for this position will be processed and conducted in compliance with UK legislation relevant at that time.