Diocese of Portsmouth

Communications advice

Need advice on how to communicate effectively with those in your congregation – and those in the wider world?

Our diocesan communications team can give your parish a full-scale communications audit – looking at everything you do from pew sheets to websites, from church noticeboards to parish magazines. Or they can give you specific advice about any one of those communications issues.

It involves them visiting your church as an outsider, examining church literature and visual displays, and making recommendations on all aspects of church communication. The service is free and aims to be comprehensive.

The Covid pandemic has seen an explosion of good practice in our parishes, as they have learnt how to live-stream services and to share video footage of their activities online. If you are just starting out with sharing digital worship – or if you have been doing so during the pandemic and would like to improve what you do – do check out our advice here.

Some of the tips and some of the good practice that already exists in our parishes are featured in a book written by our communications director Neil Pugmire, based on his diocesan work. 100 Ways To Get Your Church Noticed was published in November 2014. There’s also an accompanying website here, which incorporates some of the good ideas from our diocese.

So if you struggle to get your congregation to absorb vital information, or want to give your church a higher profile in your community, or are fed up with people complaining they didn’t know about your church’s event, do contact us via email here for details.