Diocese of Portsmouth


Christian spirituality is about prayer and your experience of God. The spirituality team offer ways to broaden your experience of the wide range of Christian spiritualities, through spirituality days (quiet days) and courses. Working with a spiritual director or guide is highly recommended for those who want to develop their relationship with God.

Spiritual direction or guidance

Spiritual direction is a formal commitment between two people who do not meet regularly in other contexts (e.g. Sunday worship), in which the director helps the directee to understand and deepen their relationship with God in a safe and confidential space.

It is a supportive relationship but not a therapeutic relationship such as counselling. It is more akin to the role of a personal trainer than a friend. So not every conversation about spiritual matters is spiritual direction.

The title ‘spiritual direction’ is historical: your spiritual director will help you discern the working of the Holy Spirit in your life and will not tell you what to do.