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Holy Week and Easter

Easter 2024

The Easter story is at the heart of the Christian faith. On Good Friday, we remember that Jesus died, sacrificing himself so we could be forgiven for the things we do wrong. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate that he rose again from the dead. We tell the joyful stories of the women and men who discovered the empty tomb, and celebrate the final proof that Jesus was and is sent by God to save us.

Across our diocese, churches host all kinds of services and events to help us remember what happened 2,000 years ago. We hope you will appreciate the depth of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, and the joy of his resurrection. See below for details. We also love to share stories about how God has influenced and transformed lives in our diocese. Read those stories here.

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The Garden Tomb

You can get an idea of the way in which Jesus’s tomb might have appeared by watching this video of one of our former curates at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. The Rev Andrew Goy, former curate at Church of the Good Shepherd in Crookhorn, explains: