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Our new quarterly magazine @CofEPortsmouth has replaced the monthly Pompey Chimes. It goes out to 8,000 readers in churches and schools schools across south-east Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The four editions each year come out in March, June, September and December.

It is designed to give churchgoers and non-churchgoers an insight into life in our parishes and church schools, combining longer features with stories about people and columns written by the bishop and others on significant issues. Topical news stories and forthcoming events can be found more easily on our website.

To read pages from our magazine, click on the links below:

December 2018

Faith in Focus: Advent points to entire faith, by Bishop Christopher; page 3

Latest News: Chichester Cathedral cleric to be new Dean; page 4

Latest News: Round-up; page 5

Latest News: Bishop helps to launch new all-through school; page 6

Latest News: Round-up; page 7

Resourcing Growth: Strategy aims to help us impact spiritually; pages 8-9

Christmas 2018: Festive season could be life-changing; pages 10-11

School Governors: Governors vital to help pupils; pages 12-13 and pages 14-15

Vocations: ‘I loved being a scientist - then God called me to be a vicar’; pages 16-17 and pages 18-19

My Faith: ‘I feared God until I discovered His grace’; pages 20-21

The Big Issue: Going vegan is the green ideal; page 23

Why I Love My Church: Keep it in the family; page 24

And Finally: Top 10 Christmas Celebrations, page 26

And Finally: The Big Picture; page 28

September 2018

Faith in Focus: Our calling is for every day; page 3

Latest News: Camels will return to streets of Leigh Park; page 4

Latest News: Triple charity challenge and more; page 5

Latest News: Decorated chairs to celebrate our heroes; pages 6-7

In Depth: We’re devising new ways to worship; pages 8-9 and pages 10-11

In Depth: 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War; pages 12-13 and pages 14-15

My Faith: God used my artwork to spread the gospel; pages 16-17

The Big Issue: Your website is a shop window; page 19

Why I Love My Church: Perfect place to wed; page 20

Top 10: Long-serving clergy; page 22

The Big Picture: Ordinations 2018; page 24

June 2018

Faith in Focus: I’m happy to talk about plastic; page 3

Latest News: Harbour Church to move after outgrowing building; page 4

Latest News: New internships launched and more; page 5

Latest News: Mammoth sponsored walk to raise Iona cash; page 6

Latest News: Sophie’s Ghana trip and more, page 7

In Depth: Being a Christian from Monday to Saturday; pages 8-9

In Depth: Care for those with dementia is vital; pages 10-11 and pages 12-13

In Depth: Church is still the best place to get wed; pages 14-15 and pages 16-17

St Thomas Award: Honours for those who served us for years; pages 18-19

My Faith: Renewing marriages across the globe; pages 20-21

Ordinations: Husband and wife to share curate’s role; page 22

The Big Issue: Let’s share our life-giving faith; page 23

Why I Love My Church: so much is going on!; page 24

Top 10: Where couples marry; page 26

The Big Picture: May Fayre at St Mary’s, Fratton; page 28

March 2018

Faith in Focus: Why prayer is amazing; page 3

Latest News: Homeless guests sleep in church; page 4

Latest News: Strategic funds success and more; page 5

In Depth: Our academies get top marks; pages 6-7

In Depth: Our academies get top marks; pages 8-9

In Depth: Curates’ pilgrimage follows in Jesus’ footsteps; pages 10-11 and pages 12-13

The Big Issue: Let’s fight real horror this Lent; page 17

Why I Love My Church: It’s like a real family; page 20

Top 10: You can do youth work; page 22

The Big Picture: the Holy Land; page 24

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(The four editions each year come out in March, June, September and December)