@CofEPortsmouth magazine

Our quarterly magazine @CofEPortsmouth goes out to 6,000 readers in churches and schools schools across south-east Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The four editions each year come out in March, June, September and December.

It is designed to give churchgoers and non-churchgoers an insight into life in our parishes and church schools, combining longer features with stories about people and columns written by the bishop and others on significant issues. Topical news stories and forthcoming events can be found more easily on our website.

To find out more about our distribution system, and how the magazines get to your churches, click here. For previous editions of our magazine (2020-2023) click here and previous editions (2018-2019), click here.

Summer 2024

Faith in Focus: God lends us his ear by Bishop Jonathan: page 3

Latest News: Royal approval for refurbished Minster: pages 4-5

Latest News: Play thrills shoppers and passers-by: page 6

Latest News: Round-up, including tthe new Host Cafe and an acting Archdeacon: page 7

Latest News: Students expect big things on Taizé trip: page 8

Latest News: Round-up, including a new team for Ryde and centenary celebrations in Emsworth: page 9

In Depth: We'll create church from singing groups - our plans for Choir Church: pages 10-11 and pages 12-13

In Depth: Worshippers trained in parish ministry - our local lay ministers: pages 14-15 and pages 16-17

My Faith: Making a difference in the public sphere - meet Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery: pages 18-19

Ordinations: Meet those being ordained and licensed this summer: pages 20-21

My Life: New home helped me to stay off drugs, thanks to Hope into Action: pages 22-23

The Big Issue: Twin tragedies at the heart of the Israel/Gaza conflict: page 24

Why I love my church: Stubbington switch has been a blessing: page 25

Top 10: Celebrating 30 years of women priests: pages 26-27

The Big Picture: Worship leader Will at the licensing of Heath Monaghan and Olly Mitchelmore: page 28

Spring 2024

Faith in Focus: Who are you looking at? by Bishop Jonathan: page 3

Latest News: Lent appeal to help urgent good causes: pages 4-5

Latest News: Centre to help pupils with mental health: page 6

Latest News: Round-up, including two new senior appointments and a church' pirate party: page 7

Latest News: New Fareham vicar is planter of churches: page 8

Latest News: Round-up, including news about a vicar on a Vespa and chalking of school doors for Epiphany: page 9

In Depth: It's great to work as Christians together, in ecumenical partnerships: pages 10-11 and pages 12-13

In Depth: Drive to net zero will ease climate change: pages 14-15 and pages 16-17

My Faith: Former nurse is back on the island: pages 18-19

The Big Issue: Young people can be gamechangers: page 20

Why I love my church: We came 11,000 miles to awesome church: page 21

Top 10: How parish share helps fund diocesan activities (and what it doesn't fund!): pages 22-23

The Big Picture: Chorister prepares for candlelit carol service in Portsmouth Cathedral: page 24