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Holy Week

Holy Week

What is Holy Week?

Holy Week is the name given to the week beginning on Palm Sunday, and ending on Easter Sunday. Churches across the diocese will be remembering the events in the last week of Jesus’s life that led to his crucifixion, which will be marked on Good Friday. Then on Easter Sunday, they’ll recall how he rose from the dead, a miracle that confirmed who he was and also promises new life for us all.

Check below for events taking place, and scroll down further for resources and links.

If you have any questions about why Jesus had to die, what evidence there is for the resurrection, click on our frequently-asked questions here.

Resources for Holy Week

Journey to the Cross: a Holy Week resource for families

Journey to the Cross is a resource for families with children of all ages to journey through the events of Holy Week together. It offers a Bible reading or video to watch for each day of Holy Week with an interactive activity you can do using things around your home. It also includes a reflection sheet to record your experiences on this journey together.

Click here to download the PDF

Holy Week Events hosted by the Cathedral

Portsmouth Cathedral is offering a range of events throughout Holy Week 2024 to help us to remember these significant moment in Jesus' life.

Click here to view the list of events and their times

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Holy Week reaches its climax on Good Friday, as we recall the horror of the crucifixion and the forgiveness offered to humankind as a result; and then on Easter Sunday as we remember Jesus rising in triumph from the grave, and how that heralds a new life for all. Our churches are holding many services and events as we reach this significant moment in the Christian year. Find out more below and here

Video resources

As you journey through Holy Week, some of these videos might be helpful, to watch yourself or to share with others in your congregation.

Havant Passion Play 2019

Christians from Havant, Leigh Park, Bedhampton and Rowlands Castle worked together to present a play telling the story of Jesus's final week, including his crucifixion and resurrection. These highlights might help you to recall the events that we are celebrating this week:

Reflections on the empty tomb

The Rev Andrew Goy, former curate of Church of the Good Shepherd, Crookhorn, reflects on the empty tomb during a visit to the Holy Land in 2018: