Diocese of Portsmouth

Diocesan Finance

The Diocese of Portsmouth works like a network or family of parishes. Those parishes help each other through prayer, finances and mutual support. It's our system of parish share that ensures we have a presence in every community and can offer ministry and mission to all who come to us. This video helps to explain how it works.

Parish Share

One of the things that binds our diocese together is the shared commitment to fund our ministry for God’s mission across south-east Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Each parish volunteers to pay a certain amount into the central diocesan budget, to be used to help fund that mission and ministry. The exact amount paid by each parish currently depends on the size of the congregation(s) and the socio-economic status of the area served by the parish. A complex formula tries to ensure that the amount suggested in parish share is fair to all.

Budget 2021

The Diocesan Budget for 2021 was approved by our Diocesan Synod at their meeting of November 7th, 2020. Most of our budget, as usual, will be spent on providing clergy and lay ministry in our parishes.

Full details of our Budget 2021
Finance Update, October 2020
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