Diocese of Portsmouth

Engage: a training course for spiritual directors

Engage welcomes Christians of all traditions who are beginning to feel a call to this ministry within the church and are willing to commit to supervision and ongoing training.

Like a counsellor, a spiritual director will hold back on their own experience and focus on supporting the directee, who can expect certain standards of confidentiality and competence. Part of the work of a director is to know when to refer their directee for professional therapeutic help.

Spiritual direction is a work of love, listening to the great mystery in people’s lives, a work of discernment rather than of fixing problems.

Engage will run from September 2018 till July 2020.
Course sessions will run on Tuesday evenings at Cathedral House.

course requirements

To apply for Engage, it will no longer be a requirement to have completed the Inspire course. 

It will be a requirement to have:

  • been seeing a spiritual director for a minimum of two years (min. eight meetings). 
  • taken part in a residential Ignatian individually guided retreat of at least two nights before beginning the course. 

Your spiritual director will be asked to supply a reference commenting on your suitability for this ministry and all applicants will be called for interview before a place is offered.

We welcome applications from lay people and clergy.

If you have questions, e.g. how to find an individually guided retreat, please contact Ruth Tuschling ruth.tuschling@portsmouth.anglican.org.