Diocese of Portsmouth

Developing in prayer and growing as a disciple

Here are some resources to help you think about the ways you pray and explore further.

  • Lent in Seven Objects
    A prayer resource for each week of Lent, centred around an object to get you thinking. There will be a picture to look at each week, but if you can find an actual object in your own household, it will make the prayer exercise more meaningful for you.
  • Lifelines
    a booklet is to help you reflect on your commitment to being a disciple, decide where to focus your attention for the moment, and live your life in Christ more positively.
  • Spirituality Audit
    A general look at how you relate to God, both as an individual and corporately.
  • Lent Prayer Booklet
    A resource for individuals or groups, to think about the different ways we close down fearfully, and the way Jesus sets us free.
  • I Believe in God
    Faith is more than believing that God exists. Faith is believing in God, trusting in God, founding your life on him. It is getting to know Jesus Christ and walking in his way, with him beside you.
  • Why do you do that
    Some simple explanations of actions and customs that are used in church.
  • The Gift of Empty Hands
    A prayer resource for each week of Lent, centred around the nine fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5.