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50 Easy Outreach Ideas

Bringing church and community together

Paul Mogford

A practical and simple-to-use resource for anyone wanting ideas for church outreach or social events. From the humble picnic to jazz or jive nights, this book is guaranteed to help bring church and community together.

ISBN: 9780854768851

50 Festive Ideas for Evangelistic Events

Mark & Emma Greenwood

The celebration of special days and holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day provide great opportunities for communicating the gospel. But is your church running out of ideas? Help is at hand with this latest in the Great Ideas series – a collection of imaginative suggestions to make your church or house-group event entertaining, enjoyable and evangelistic. With a foreword by J. John.

Includes ideas for all the usual church events plus also: Burns Night, Commonwealth Day, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Sunday.

ISBN: 9781842910986

50 Ways to Help Your Church Grow

David Beer

It’s Monday morning and you have people to visit and meetings to prepare. And there’s a building to worry about, and junk mail to junk. How do you tread the path between vision and reality, or turn the tide from surviving church to thriving church? These 50 Purpose-Driven principles will help.

ISBN: 9780854768103

50 Ways to Share Your Faith

Ian Knox

Christians know that people need Jesus but often panic at the thought of sharing their faith. Ian Knox has been an evangelist for many years and knows the frustration, guilt and fear that Christians can experience in this area. He shares his mistakes with us as well as his successes in the hope that we will be encouraged in our evangelistic efforts and ultimately now the joy of leading someone to Christ.

ISBN: 9780854769940

100 Instant Faith-Sharing Talks

Ian Knox

This practical guide to sharing your faith in public includes 100 outline talks for every occasion, including women’s meetings, men’s breakfasts, youth gatherings and social evenings.

ISBN: 9780854766468

100 Ways to get Your Church Noticed

Explosive ideas to resource the church

Neil Pugmire

We live in an age of browsers. People flip across TV channels, click through image-based web pages, flip through glossy magazines. So how do we get noticed? How can we make sure our church activities, events and people catch the attention of this busy, visual world? How do we help our members to be walking advertisements for a healthy, vibrant church?

While this book covers ‘publicity’ in the normal sense - websites, posters, parish magazines, media liason - it also covers strategic planning, the look and feel of church buildings, and ways of interacting with the local community.

“A thoroughly practical book which every church leader would benefit from reading. A communication toolbox to help put your church on the map.” David Beer, Purpose Driven Church UK

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ISBN: 9781842912409

From the Abundance of the Heart

Catholic Evangelism for All Christians

Stephen Cottrell

Stephen Cottrell’s joyful and vibrant book puts mission and evangelism back to the top of the agenda for Christians of all strands of catholic tradition. To many the word ‘evangelism’ conjures up negative images of coercion and manipulation. Stephen Cottrell’s approach is realistic, generous, inclusive and creative. He presents a vision of an evangelising church that will embrace Christians of every tradition, and explores practical ways of developing structures and ministries that will establish a culture of evangelism in local churches.

ISBN: 9780232526363