Diocese of Portsmouth


  • Growing older and bolder with God!

    This day will help us to reflect on and celebrate our life journey so far and consider how to make best use of the time ahead. There will be time for individual reflection and group discussion. Read more

  • Listening for God with Tim Watson

    An emerging spirituality of listening. On this day we will delve into the Bible and some
    contemporary thought on the idea of listening. We will
    also be practising the art of listening! Read more

  • Science, Technology and Faith

    Science and technology are central to modern life, and can have profound effects on individuals and society, yet science and technology are rarely addressed directly by the Church. Read more

  • Finding God in Las Vegas

    This will be an experiential workshop in which participants will be invited to explore something of the deserts in which we live today, and the desert within ourselves. Read more

  • Fail better!

    In a perfectionist culture that runs the risk of making an idol of success, failure has the potential to be a liberator, and a gateway to hope. During this day, we shall reflect honestly – and not too solemnly – on the role that failure has played in our lives; we shall look at a number of examples of failure in Scripture; and we shall hopefully gain fresh appreciation of the ways in which failure can inform and enrich our spirituality. Read more