What difference has Christianity made to the world?

Christians are often reticent about speaking about the huge legacy for good that Christianity and the followers of Christ have made upon the world.

We are all aware of the devastating effect war has on the lives of people and countries and the tragedy when those wars are, in part, motivated by religion. That scar which runs through history and overshadows parts of the world today must not however obscure all that the Church and individual Christians have done to enhance the lives, freedoms and opportunities of many.

The Church has played a significant and at times a leading role in education and our legal system. The hospice movement and many charities such as the Children’s Society and Barnado’s have their roots in Christianity and Christians have been at the forefront of aid and development work, speaking against persecution and injustice in all parts of the world.

The Red Cross is the most extensive organisation ever created for the relief of suffering caused by war, and its name bears witness to its Christian origins.

Whenever Christians are involved in works of caring and compassion they are following the example of Jesus whose life and work illustrated the love that God has for us.