Many scientists still take the Bible seriously

Hasn’t science disproved the Bible?

When Darwin published his book on the Origin of Species, some people claimed that his theory of evolution disproved the story of creation as it is found in the book of Genesis.

Certainly, until Darwin, many (though not all) Christian people assumed that the Genesis story was literally true. Though some Christians still believe this, most have recognised that Genesis was never intended to explain how the universe came to be, but rather why it exists.

That is the fundamental difference between scientific and religious knowledge. Science asks “How?”, religion asks “Why?”. In that sense, science can never ‘disprove’ religion or the Bible. Some scientists don’t happen to be believers. But some are Christians, and can see nothing about the science they study that conflicts with their Christian belief. For some, the amazing size of the universe, or the intricacy of each cell actually prompts them to believe that there must be a God behind the wonder of our world.

Science can explain many things, but it can never answer the deep human questions about the meaning of life that most of us want to ask.