Choir Church

Choir Church is a way of creating brand new worshipping communities for families, based on a love of music, and is part of our diocesan strategy to revitalise our parishes.

For centuries, singing in choirs has been a way in which children and adults have been drawn into congregations and learnt more about the Christian faith. Many of those in our churches can trace their involvement back to singing in a choir as a child, and this method is still in evidence at churches such as our cathedral and St Mary’s in Fratton.

The ‘Choir Church’ concept aims to make this form of evangelism and discipleship more intentional. The idea is that our parishes work in partnership with local schools, offering pupils the chance to learn choral techniques. Those newly-formed choirs could then help to lead worship in their local church.

As they learn more about worship and the Christian faith, their families can be drawn into those congregations, perhaps even launching their own ‘church plant’. The plan is to create up to four new Choir Church projects in partnership with local parishes from this September, with potentially another cohort to follow in September 2025. 

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