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We’ve collected together some excellent resources and links to help you develop your environmental projects and take greater care and responsibility for God's creation. Do share with us your own resources and inspiration, so that we can post them here.

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Stay connected with the various Environment days and events that take place over the year with our interactive PDF calendar, produced by the Church of England’s environment programme. Click here to download the latest version.

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Websites, Videos & Books

Sustainable Church FlowersSustainable Church Flowers

Sustainable Church Flowers (SCF) is a movement within the Church of England, passionate about sustainability in our churches, cathedrals and churchyards, who are gently campaigning for change. Through a combination of an ambassador network, social media campaigns, workshops and good old fashioned evangelism SCF is encouraging change by providing information and support to churches and cathedrals around the United Kingdom and further afield.

SCF encourages the use of locally grown flowers and foliage:

  • grown without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides
  • packaged without the use of unnecessary plastics
  • grown by people who are paid a liveable wage and are justly treated
  • never bleached or dyed
  • non-invasive species
  • never arranged in floral foam.

SCF embolden floral decorators to rediscover old and sustainable ways to arrange using such things such as chicken wire, flower frogs/pin frogs, and other natural structural supports that can be used.


Christianity and climate change

Christianity and climate change is a nine-part film series produced by Tearfund and featuring Katharine Hayhoe, the internationally renowned Christian climate scientist. In each episode, she responds to climate questions from key church leaders and members in Scotland.

Each video is around 6 minutes long, and a study guide with discussion questions is available to download, making this series very useable in small groups or as short evening course.

Click here for details and to access the videos and discussion guide


TedTalk: Katharine HayhoeKatharine Hayhoe has also recorded a TedTalk where she gives advice to help aid discussions with people don't believe in climate change or are quite sceptical. Rather than ‘rehashing data’, Katharine suggests connecting through the perspective of shared values and then discussing the consequences if action isn't taken or climate change continues to be dismissed. Watch the 20-minute video here.

Saving Us book

Saving Us, by Katharine HayhoeThe thoughts Katharine shares in her TedTalk are drawn from her book Saving Us. She draws on her interdisciplinary research and personal stories to show that small conversations can have astonishing results. “Saving Us leaves us with the tools to open a dialogue with your loved ones about how we all can play a role in pushing forward for change.” Available on Amazon for £12.97, or World of Books for £9.90.

Jesus Died to Save the Planet

Jesus Died to Save the Planet

This powerful essay by Paul Kunert reclaims the foundational truth that the gospel is good news for the whole of creation. By focusing on human interests over all else God has made, we fail to recognise the full redemptive reach of Jesus’ sacrifice. We need to embrace the full, holistic scope of the gospel – living in line with the truth that Jesus is King of all things, and came to save all he has made. Available in the following formats, plus accompanying resources:

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When it comes to fundraising for your net zero carbon projects, our DAC team will work with you to find the appropriate funders.


If you are looking to focus your investment portfolio towards green opportunities, you might find these links useful:

  • FaithInvest
    FaithInvest helps religious groups to invest in line with their values. We support the rapidly growing movement of faiths and faith-based asset owners actively using their investments to create a better world – for people and planet.

  • Good Intentions report 2023
    An annual index of faith-aligned investing using FaithInvest’s FCI scoring methodology

  • Green Investment Declaration
    An initiative developed by Operation Noah and JustMoney Movement to support Churches and other faith institutions across the globe to increase their investments in climate solutions to build a greener future.

  • Operation Noah – Church Investment in Climate Solutions
    Operation Noah’s recent report, Church Investment in Climate Solutions: Financing a Liveable Future, reiterates the finding that if the world were to redirect the $570 billion of annual planned oil and gas investments towards renewables, this could fully finance wind and solar expansion in line with the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement – a target that, while still possible, is quickly slipping away if greenhouse gas emissions don’t begin to fall rapidly.