Diocese of Portsmouth

August September

  • Faith in the Workplace

    A day conference to consider the challenges of working as a Christian in the workplace. With speaker Cal Bailey. Read more

  • Taizé Services

    Taizé-style worship offers an opportunity for peace and quiet, for stillness and reassurance. Read more

  • Living Faith: Questions of Faith

    This ten-week module attempts to cover the main questions of faith that influence us today in our contemporary Christianity by taking a difficult question each week and thinking about it in the light of the Church’s historic doctrines. Read more

  • Ride+Stride

    Ride+Stride is a sponsored bike ride or walk in which people all over England walk or cycle between churches, exploring and enjoying the countryside from Cornwall to Northumberland. Read more

  • An Introduction to the Enneagram

    In this introductory session we will look at an overview of the Enneagram and its nine types. There will be a chance to start to identify your own type, or if you are already familiar with it, to get a refresher and see how the other types interact with you. Read more

  • Living Faith: Old Testament

    This is the fifth module in the Living Faith programme and covers a range of Old Testament books and themes over ten weeks. Read more

  • A Singing Day with Philip Stopford

    Composer and conductor Philip Stopford will lead a singing day at Portsmouth Cathedral. Read more

  • Safeguarding Conference

    The Anglican Diocese of Portsmouth is holding its inaugural Safeguarding Conference at Portsmouth Cathedral this autumn. We are committed to ensuring our churches and cathedral are safe places for all and want to support all those who are involved in safeguarding as well as providing opportunities for those who wish to learn more about safeguarding matters. It will be a real celebration of all the great safeguarding work going on across our parishes. Read more

  • Pioneering Parishes: Starting Out

    A series of four webinars over two months aimed at helping parishes start to move their energy outwards and become more pioneering. Read more

  • Loss & Damage Action Day

    An international day to stand in solidarity with those living with the worst impacts of climate breakdown, and to call on rich countries and big polluters to pay up for this loss and damage they continue to knowingly cause. Read more