Diocese of Portsmouth

Information for Parents

Church of England schools offer high quality education within a Christian context. They are in the main community schools with a Christian character serving the needs of the local area.

As with all maintained schools in England they:

  • teach Religious Education in line with the locally agreed syllabus, and
  • hold acts of collective worship every day.

In addition, Church of England Schools provide:

  • education underpinned by Christian values;
  • a culture guided by the Christian way of life;
  • care of each individual as a unique part of God’s creation;
  • close links with the community;
  • partnership with the local Anglican church and congregation.
List of Schools

National Information on Anglican Church Schools

The National Society was established in 1811 to support the development of Church of England schools throughout the country.

Church of England schools are incorporated with the National Society.

The National Society provides guidance and support on all matters relating to the distinctive nature of a Church of England school.