Diocese of Portsmouth

Religious Education in
Church of England Schools

Religious Education (RE) is part of the basic curriculum taught in all maintained state schools.

In all Church of England schools within the Portsmouth and Winchester Dioceses, the Local Authority Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education will form the basis of the taught curriculum, though this may be enhanced with additional material by individual schools.

The Local Authority Agreed Syllabus for RE reflects the fact that Christianity is the main religious tradition in our country, although the teaching and practices of the other principal religions that now form part of our society are explored.

It is expected that in a Church of England school, RE will be an important component in building the children’s understanding of the Christian ethos which underpins their school.

Jane Kelly

Why teach religious education?

Written by Jane Kelly, RE Consultant and SIAMS Coordinator

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Withdrawal from RE

RE is a very important part of the curriculum and supports the development of the whole person within our society of many cultures and faiths.

Employers seek well rounded applicants who have a knowledge and understanding of other people’s cultures and beliefs and there has been a steady growth in the popularity of RE examination courses in secondary schools.

Parents do have the right to withdraw their child from all RE or part of it regardless of the type of school. However, please discuss carefully with the headteacher of your school if you have personal reasons for wishing to withdraw your child from RE. It will be impossible, in a Church of England school, to isolate discussion of religious faith within RE lessons as the Christian faith underpins the ethos of the school. The school is required to ensure the safety of any pupil who is withdrawn from RE but not is not required to provide alternative teaching.