Diocese of Portsmouth

    First Dean of Pioneer Ministry and three new Cathedral Canons appointed

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    28 July 2015

    A VICAR has spoken of his excitement at being appointed as the first Dean of Pioneer Ministry in our Diocese.

    The Rev Peter Hall

    The Rt Rev Christopher Foster, Bishop of Portsmouth, and the Rev Will Hughes

    John Gwynn

    The Rev Peter Hall, Priest in Charge of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Crookhorn, will develop, encourage and support pioneer ministry across the diocese.

    Pioneer ministry means developing and building new Christian communities with those who have no previous Christian background or who struggle with traditional forms of worship.

    Peter said: “I’m really very excited to have been asked to undertake this role. I did a course run by the Church Mission Society (CMS) last autumn which involved exploring pioneer leadership.

    “I had the opportunity to get to know a group of pioneers and it was a great experience. Talking to them about how they feel called to work long term with those people right on the margins of society was really interesting and inspirational.

    “I see my role as Dean of Pioneer Ministry as one in which I would be supporting, encouraging and nurturing the pioneers themselves and the wider ministry of pioneers.

    “Part of that is encouraging the pioneers to connect regularly so that they can listen, learn and grow from both their own experiences and from each other.”

    The Rt Rev Christopher Foster, Bishop of Portsmouth, said: “I am excited about the appointment of Peter as the first Dean of Pioneer Ministry in this diocese.

    “As a diocese, we are passionate about exploring new ways of showing and sharing God’s love through our ministry and mission.

    “Peter brings a wealth of parish experience which he will use and build upon to support parishes and ministers as new and exciting initiatives develop.”

    Peter has also been appointed as an Honorary Canon to Portsmouth Cathedral.

    “I was really quite surprised to be asked. It is a huge honour and a privilege,” he said.

    Also being appointed as an Honorary Canon is Rev Will Hughes, Vicar of St Peter’s Church, Petersfield and Rector of St Mary’s Church, Buriton.

    He said: “It is an unexpected pleasure to be invited to be an Honorary Canon. I'm looking forward to learning about the workings of the cathedral, and it's exciting to have a mandate to do more across the diocese and beyond.

    “Above all, it's good to know you're doing something right.

    “I've been in the diocese for almost 10 years, at Blackmoor and Whitehill, and now at Petersfield and Buriton.

    “I've thoroughly enjoyed being Area Dean of Petersfield for the last four years, supporting the clergy of the deanery, assisting parishes in interregnum, trying to get more of the deanery involved in the Deanery Synod, helping to shape the deanery plan, and helping to plan deanery confirmations and retreats.”

    Will is also a member of Bishop’s Council, Diocesan Synod – the church’s governing body – and the Diocesan Board of Education and its steering group where he helps to support schools wanting to become academies. He is also a trustee of the Portsmouth and Winchester Diocesan Academies Trust.

    Will has also supported a number of people in exploring their vocation to ordained ministry in this diocese. In the National Church, he advises the Bishops on candidates for ordination training.

    And being appointed as a Lay Canon is John Gwynn.

    John serves the diocese as the Chairman of the Diocesan Finance Committee and as a member of Diocesan Synod.

    He is a member of St Nicholas Church in Wickham where he enjoys singing in the choir and is also a keen member of Botley Choral Society.

    He is also a member of his church’s Parochial Church Council (PCC).

    “I see it as a great privilege to have been asked to be a Lay Canon. I am thrilled and quite delighted,” John said.