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  • Churchwarden marks 40 years of service

    Churchwarden Peter Lambert has marked 40 years as churchwarden at St John the Baptist Church in Northwood. He was presented with a cake and gifts after a Sunday service. Read more

  • Drug addict’s life transformed by generous churchgoers

    Alison Cairns was homeless and addicted to drugs. She was also grieving from the tragic death of her partner. She was at rock bottom, but was offered a house to live in by the charity Hope into Action Portsmouth. Having a proper home and being supported by local churchgoers has helped her to kick the habit and turn her life around. Read more

  • MY FAITH: Former nurse is back on the island as vicar

    Former nurse Olly Mitchelmore is returning to the Isle of Wight, where he completed some of his training. Now he’s ordained and trying to help revitalise our churches in Ryde, and beyond to the rest of the island. Read more

  • Mum’s tragedy launched national Foodbank project

    When mum-of-four Sarah Donaghy’s baby Katie was tragically stillborn, her church rallied round with food and support. That experience inspired her to expand a scheme by which runners contributed to their local Foodbanks. Now it’s happening all over the country. Her local Foodbank in Fareham is one of those that will be supported by our Bishop's Lent Appeal. Read more

  • MY FAITH: Organist inspired to lead worship

    Young musician Hallam Saunders was grateful for a bursary scheme that helped him learn to play the organ – including playing our cathedral organ regularly. He enjoys the opportunity to lead others in worship. Read more

  • MY FAITH: Transforming lives by teaching dance

    Dance teacher Summer Reber leads a unique dance school for those with special needs – and it happens in her home church. The Identical School of Dance has been meeting in St Alban’s Church, West Leigh. Read more

  • Called as a teenager to serve God

    Richard Shurmer was an RE teacher for 36 years and has been a Reader for 37 years. He’s now responding to God’s call to be ordained. He’ll be one of seven people ordained deacon as part of our first Michaelmas cohort of ordinands. Bishop Jonathan will ordain him in our cathedral on September 30. Read more

  • Senior teacher among those being ordained

    Senior teacher Clare King fitted in her ordination training around a busy job leading a school department. Now she’s one of seven people preparing to be ordained by Bishop Jonathan at our Michaelmas ordination service on September 30. She’ll be serving in Holy Trinity Church, Bembridge, where she’s already part of the congregation. Read more

  • New priest is the happiest she’s ever been

    Newly-ordained priest the Rev Amanda Sim used to think that Christians were weird. Now she’s the one leading church services as a newly-ordained priest. She originally came to faith because her son joined the cathedral choir. She was blown away by the worship and experienced God’s presence. She can now see that her entire life was leading up to her current role. Read more

  • Teacher left the classroom to follow a new calling

    Buffy Langdown had been a teacher for 24 years when she decided to step down and consider a future in ordained ministry. Now she’ll be one of six people ordained as deacons in our cathedral on June 24. Read more

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