Diocese of Portsmouth

    Bishop faces tough questions at Liphook school

    10 Feb. 2017

    IS there is life on other planets? Does that mean there are other religions? If God has a plan, why do people bother to pray? And is there really such a thing as heaven on Earth?

    These were just some of the difficult and searching questions posed by children at Liphook C of E Junior School when Bishop Christopher agreed to be put in the hot seat by Years 5 and 6.

    The children asked a range of mature questions, some of which reflected their current learning in the classroom.

    Their maturity and depth of thought enthralled Bishop Christopher who admitted to the children that he had really had to think about some of his responses.

    The bishop was impressed by the level of understanding he found at the school, and the experience led him to want to do more question-and-answer sessions in schools. Similar sessions are planned for the future.

    “The children were fantastic. They really challenged me and I love that,” he said.

    The children explained their understanding of issues, such as what heaven may look like, as the bishop discussed the beauty that he often sees in the world and within people’s actions.

    Children listened intently as Bishop Christopher explained how Bible stories were written and collated, dispelling the children’s belief that the Bible was one book written many years ago.

    “The children so enjoyed it, they will have got so much from it,” said headteacher Jacky Taylor.

    Bishop Christopher ended his visit by leading a worship focussed on Candlemas.