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    Fareham families enjoy lively holiday club

    Children and Young People
    17 Aug. 2018

    CHURCHES in Fareham joined forces to offer an exciting week-long holiday club for 80 children.

    Each morning, enthusiastic families were queuing up to get into Fareham Methodist Church, where its leaders introduced the day with games, songs, puppets and stories.

    The theme was ‘Treasure Quest’, which has provided plenty of opportunities to dress up as pirates, look for hidden treasure and climb the rigging. The children heard Bible stories that talk about treasure each day.

    They were then split up into different groups to do activities, including flying with drones, tackling inflatables, riding scooters, science experiments, and art and craft. The children were then given lunch before they finished off the day with more fun, games and laughter all together.

    It’s the third summer in a row that the churches in Fareham have done this. Once again they asked a team from Life Kids to lead it for them, alongside amazing volunteers from local churches.

    Children at Fareham's holiday club doing art and craft activities

    Rachel Hicks, chair of Christians Together in Fareham, said: "There was a mixture of families that do and don’t go to church which offers some great opportunities for conversations and sharing. Some children have brought friends because they enjoyed it last year.

    "It’s fantastic to be able to offer something that the children love, and to ease the burden for parents during the long school holidays. I’m glad they are able to learn a bit more about God as well.

    "Because all the churches in Fareham town centre are very close, they’ve been doing those activities at the United Reformed Church, Holy Trinity Church and Fareham Community Church as well as the Methodist Church. It says something about how well we work together that I often don’t know which church a child or volunteer is from.

    "And the legacy of churches working together so closely on activities like this – and many other things – is really important. We all want to work together and we’re all happy that families will benefit, whichever of our churches they may choose to attend.

    "Hopefully it also encourages families to think of church as a place that is fun, lively, and worth investigating further. As we’ve been discovering, the greatest treasure of all is to know Jesus and that’s something we think is worth shouting about!"

    Children and Young People

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