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    Worshippers sail around Hayling Island to ‘beat the bounds’

    25 June 2019

    IT was a chance to revive an old tradition for the first time in many years.

    Worshippers from the three Anglican parishes in Hayling Island decided to ‘beat the bounds’ of their benefice by boat one Saturday in June.

    Beating the Bounds is an ancient tradition, in which people pray as they travel around the boundaries of their parish. In the case of Hayling Island, the boundaries are water, so in the past the tradition was to beat the bounds by boat.

    This year saw the tradition being revived. Three boats took part: Nigel Roper’s boat Patience, one sailing boat and the Langstone Cutters. Worshippers were met by members of the church congregations at three points onshore for prayer and refreshments.

    The vicar, Rev Jenny Gaffin, said: “On a beautifully sunny but still day, the cutters made great progress, but the sailing boat had to be towed by Patience round part of the island, and then had to be capsized and swum under the bridge!

    “We very much look forward to this becoming an annual event – watch out for publicity for Beating the Bounds 2020.”

    St Mary

    24 Church Road, South Hayling, South Hayling, PO11 0NT

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