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    First parishes reorganised in Gosport

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    6 Oct. 2019

    THE first parish reorganisation as part of our diocese’s Resourcing Growth programme has been announced.

    The parishes of Elson, Bridgemary and Rowner will become one team ministry, as part of a Pastoral Scheme that was made by the Church Commissioners, with the consent of Bishop Christopher, on October 1. It means that the new team ministry will be created no later than six months’ time (April 1) under Church of England rules.

    As part of this reorganisation, Canon John Draper, rector of Rowner, has announced his retirement which will happen before Christmas. The Rev Karen Mitchell will cease to be vicar of Bridgemary and Elson from April 1, and will be able to apply for the new posts within the team ministry of Elson, Bridgemary and Rowner.

    The original Resourcing Growth programme also proposed parish reorganisations in another part of Gosport; in the town of Newport on the Isle of Wight; and in the Leigh Park estates. In July, the Church Commissioners requested a further process to be undertaken for central Gosport, recommended that the bishop should submit a revised version of our proposals for the Isle of Wight, and said no to proposals for Leigh Park. They were not asked to consider the reorganisation of parishes in Bridgemary, Elson and Rowner, as no objections had been received to those proposals.

    The new team ministries are being created to plant new congregations, inspire and deepen discipleship, and promote evangelism – as well as maintaining traditional worship.

    St. Thomas the Apostle, Elson

    Elson Gosport, PO12 4EZ

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