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    New tranquility garden opened in Lake

    8 Oct. 2019

    WORSHIPPERS have opened a new tranquility garden behind an island church to offer a space for relaxation, reflection and prayer.

    The Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight, the Ven Peter Leonard, helped worshippers from Church of the Good Shepherd in Lake and St Saviour, Shanklin, to formally open the garden. Although it is located behind Church of the Good Shepherd, it is designed to help all those living in the local community.

    A team from the two churches have been working since April to create the new tranquility garden, which is especially geared towards the needs of people living with dementia, as part of their mission priority to become dementia-friendly churches - and also to provide a facility for the whole local community.

    The design of the garden has included elements which suit the needs of people with dementia, by including a calm planting colour-scheme, plants which have scent and or texture, and pathways which are clear and spacious enough for two people to walk side by side, or for a wheelchair. They have also designed a habitat which will benefit the environment by including a bug-hotel, bird, squirrel and frog boxes and butterfly and bee-friendly plants.

    The garden will be used for quiet days, reminiscence sessions and, as part of the churches’ commitment to developing its healing ministry across the benefice, it also offers a healing space to aid people’s recovery from anxiety or depression.

    The Rev Corinne Smith, who serves as a distinctive deacon in Lake, Shanklin and Godshill, said: “It is exciting to see that the process of creating the garden has already drawn people into the church; and we look forward to seeing where the Holy Spirit leads us in this regard as we start to use the garden.”

    The Ven Peter Leonard in the tranquility garden
    Worshippers in the new tranquility garden behind Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake
    This is what the space looked like before its transformation into a tranquilty garden

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