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    Warblington worshippers mark Becket anniversary

    18 Feb. 2020

    WORSHIPPERS at St Thomas a Becket Church, Warblington, are planning a series of events to mark the anniversary of the martyrdom of the saint their church is dedicated to.

    St Thomas a Becket, also known as St Thomas of Canterbury, was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his death in 1170. He was famously murdered by followers of King Henry II within his own cathedral.

    The historic church at Warblington is named after him, and worshippers have devised a series of events to mark the occasion. They want see their lives and the lives of their community transformed and renewed by encountering God and responding to his love. They are calling this year Becket 850, and aim to bring the church further into the consciousness of their community, so that it can be recognised as an example of faith down the ages - and as a place of worship, peace and contemplation.

    The events include (all at St Thomas a Becket Church, Warblington, unless stated):

    • A service for sailors and those who spent their time on the water: 4pm on Sunday 22 March
    • A family-friendly pilgrimage from St James Church in Emsworth to St Thomas a Becket Church, Warblington: 10am on Sunday 10 May
    • St Thomas patronal festival Eucharistic service and lunch: 11am on Sunday 28 June
    • A pet service, when owners and their pets are welcome: 4pm on Sunday 16 August
    • An exhibition about Thomas a Becket in Emsworth Museum: September
    • An illustrated history of the church and the man, with sound, light and music: 7pm on Friday 9 October until Sunday 11 October
    • A pilgrimage by bus to Canterbury Cathedral, including lunch, a service and a tour: Sunday 27 October
    • A Remembrance Day service with Denmead Brass Band: 10.55am on Sunday 8 November
    • A candlelit service of Nine Lessons and Carols: 6.30pm on Sunday 20 December
    • A commemorative service on St Thomas's martyrdom day: 11am on Tuesday 29 December

    There are many more events happening during the year. Go to www.warblingtonwithemsworth.org for more details.

    St Thomas a Becket

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