Bishop launches annual pilgrimage to Taizé

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    13 Feb. 2023

    BISHOP Jonathan’s faith and discipleship has been shaped by regular pilgrimages to the Taizé Community – so it’s no surprise he wants others to visit too.

    He’s preparing to take a group of 18-30 year olds there this summer for a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit, as the first in an annual pilgrimage to the ecumenical community in France.

    They’ll experience its unique worship style, an authentic sense of community with others from across the world, and intensive Bible study on the Diocesan Pilgrimage from July 15-23.

    The Taizé Community was founded as an ecumenical monastic community in southern France in 1940. It includes more than 100 Protestant and Catholic brothers from countries across the globe. Tens of thousands of pilgrims of all denominations, many of them young people, visit each year.

    Bishop Jonathan said: “I see a pilgrimage to Taizé as one strand of a multi-faceted approach to enabling discipleship of our young people. Over the years, I’ve taken groups of young people there, usually on an annual basis.

    “I’ve found the combination of community with people from across Europe, shared space to explore faith, a regular pattern of worship, small group Bible studies and an opportunity for practical service has provided an experience in which Jesus is heard and encountered.

    “I believe the Holy Spirit called me to this diocese, and Taizé is part of my spirituality, part of how I’ve been shaped as a disciple of Christ. It has been a gift from God for my life, and my hope is to make that gift available for a new generation.

    “I’ve seen so many other young people transformed by this experience. I asked one of the Brothers to describe Taizé and he said their calling is to stay there and through prayer create a space for the Holy Spirit to work.”

    He hopes the trip becomes an annual event. This July, there’s spaces for 48 young people, who would travel by ferry and coach. Each would contribute £100, which would cover all travel, food and accommodation.

    To find out more or to book a place, click here or email Rachel Houlberg.

    Young people of all denominations and from across the world come to Taizé

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