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    Lent Appeal supports people in Lebanon

    8 Feb. 2024

    TEARFUND, one of the organisations being supported through this year’s Bishop’s Lent appeal, has been working with on-the-ground organisations in Lebanon to provide aid to local volunteers.

    Claudette, pictured above, has volunteered through her local church to give out mattresses, blankets, food boxes and other essentials to people who have lost everything. She explains: “During the first weeks of the conflict alone, about 19,000 people were displaced, and the ones who stayed live in constant fear. Bombs are falling on them. They lost all their harvest, including the harvest of olives on which they heavily relied economically.

    “The situation is heavily affecting the people psychologically. Beside the fear they felt, the people came to us devastated. They are emotionally tired because they left everything. So, we try to comfort them and provide them with a shoulder they can cry on.

    “We don’t want to abandon our country and leave. No matter how tough things become, we are certain that the Lord is with us and we believe in the promise that He will never abandon us. If we have any hope at all, our hope is in God’s word.”

    Tearfund’s Middle East Emergency Appeal is providing support to local churches and an inter-faith network to help families across Lebanon. Displaced families have received food, mattresses, blankets, hygiene and dignity kits, according to their needs. They work with organisations such as MERATH, who are based in south Lebanon and come alongside with over 50 local churches and faith-based organisations and help them implement relief and development projects for vulnerable individuals and families in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

    Your giving to the Bishop’s Lent Appeal will enable Tearfund to increase their support and aid to these and other areas affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict. Click here for details of the Appeal, and to donate.

    Click below to watch an interview with Claudette, recorded before Christmas last year.

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