Clergy discipline

In line with the guidance from the Clergy Discipline Commission, we record on this page details of penalties imposed on or accepted by clergy as a result of a Clergy Discipline Measure process:

The Rev Peter Lambert

The Rev Peter Lambert was the subject of a complaint under the Clergy Discipline Measure earlier this year. The complaint was of conduct inappropriate for a clergy person.

Peter has admitted this inappropriate conduct. The penalty, which was determined by the Bishop of Portsmouth, is a five-year prohibition from ministry in the Church of England, from May 2022. This means he is not able to lead church services or act as a clergy person during that time. After this period of prohibition, a risk assessment will be carried out before Peter is able to resume ministry.

November 2022

The Rev Simon Sayers

A Church of England disciplinary tribunal has upheld a complaint made about the Rev Simon Sayers regarding his behaviour in 2010 while he was rector of the parish of Warblington-with-Emsworth. They accepted that he was guilty of conduct unbecoming or inappropriate to the office and work of a clergy person and failed to observe and maintain appropriate pastoral boundaries.

The Rev Simon Sayers had already been prohibited from ministry for five years after accepting a penalty for previous misconduct. The tribunal has now imposed a penalty of prohibition from ministry for life. Therefore he will not be able to work as a Church of England clergyman again. The penalty reflects the seriousness of this misconduct.

August 2019


The guidance on publishing penalties changed in 2022. The current guidance from the Clergy Discipline Commission is here. CDM penalties (imposed after October 24, 2022) are now published nationally, here.