Diocese of Portsmouth

Young person playing an acoustic guitar

Supporting Ministry

We are here to support you in all that you are doing with youth, children and families ministry. Sometimes just having someone to talk things through over a coffee can provide clarity. Alternatively, we are able to offer support and advice on the following areas:

  • Worship – All-age, youth services and festivals
  • Finding the right materials and resources for your group
  • Baptism – making the most of this awesome opportunity
  • Communion before confirmation – policy, procedures and practice
  • Reviewing your current provision – a consultative approach
  • Employing a worker – from advert through interviews to induction
  • Best practice and Health & Safety when working with young people and children
  • Residential and camps
  • Funding and grant applications
  • Finding the right leaders, volunteers and helpers
  • Working with your local school (church or community school)

Get in touch on 023-9289 9650.