Diocese of Portsmouth

Voluntary Aided Schools

Voluntary Aided schools are more independently funded. This gives the school access to different capital funding streams for buildings improvement or extension work but also liabilities and obligations, primarily the requirement to pay 10% on all capital funded projects including Devolved Formula Capital and the Local Authority Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme (LCVAP). They also, unlike the LA, are required to pay VAT.

Below you find documents for Voluntary Aided School to use when seeking permission and funding from the diocese for building work together with other useful documents:

LCVAP Grant Application Form (2018 - 2019)
Building Project Approval - Forms A, B and C
Capital Funding for VA Schools (The Blue Book) - DfE
Essential School Maintenance: A guide for schools - ESFA
Managing Asbestos in your School - ESFA
Playing Field Advice - DfE
VA Schools VAT Guidance - HMRC

For any advice and support, please contact our buildings team:

School Buildings Officers:

Barbara Millet:
schoolbuildings@portsmouth.anglican.org, 023 9289 9688 (Monday to Wednesday)

Tracy Dawkins:
schoolbuildings@portsmouth.anglican.org, 023 9289 9681 (Wednesday to Friday)

School Buildings Assistant:

Emily Brewster:
emily.brewster@portsmouth.anglican.org, 023 9289 9653