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    Gosport worshippers help to feed the needy this Christmas

    30 Oct. 2020

    WORSHIPPERS from a Gosport church are helping to make Christmas a little happier for families in need around the town.

    Congregation members from Holy Trinity Church – those attending and those watching digital services from home – made generous contributions to a project to feed those in need as part of their Harvest Festival this year. The cash donations were instead of the usual donations of tinned and dried food.

    Geoff O’Neill from Holy Trinity Church presented vouchers worth £320 to Charlotte Blake, one of the founders of Crisis Food Gosport (as pictured above). Another £16 has been added by Asda.

    The cash will be spent by Crisis Food Gosport on special Christmas hampers for Gosport families who may otherwise struggle to have enough supplies for the festive period. It will help alleviate the worry for those families, for whom the expectations around Christmas can sometimes lead to anxiety about affording food and presents.

    Volunteers from Crisis Food Gosport have been collecting food and handing it out to Gosport families in need since the start of lockdown in March.

    Charlotte said: “We are hoping to reach out and support families and individuals and spread a little Christmas magic. I can’t thank the kind people of Holy Trinity enough, for their kindness and generous support to enable them to help others in need at this special time of the year. Our prayers were answered as we had just received news that day that food could not be guaranteed from elsewhere.”

    Congregation members are now working out if they can provide some additional support for even more families in the Gosport community via Crisis Food Gosport between now and Christmas. Among other things, they hope to write Christmas cards to those receiving hampers, to wish the recipients a happy Christmas from Holy Trinity Church.

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