Diocese of Portsmouth

Please let us know if something is immediately dangerous:

Please call the office on: 023 9289 9660

Please check the following before getting in touch:

The following must be checked before call out charges incur
  • Gas or Electricity – must be switched off if any danger
  • Oil Leaks to heating – switch off immediately
  • Oil fired central heating – do you have enough oil in the tank?
  • Electrical problems – check the RCD first; has a fuse gone or safety cut out/tripped?
  • Smoke alarms – check battery first; when was it last tested or battery replaced?
  • Strip Lights – check starter motor and tube first
  • Extractor fans – check isolation switch and any manual control settings first
  • Blocked Drains – are they clear of leaves?
Please note: If fat or wet wipes are found in drains – you may be charged

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