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Applying for...

The DAC application process is online. This is a national system and so parishes will need to register on the Church of England website to apply for works.

Click here for the Online Faculty System website.

Levels of Permission

As part of the Faculty Simplification Process - Schedule A and B permissions (mainly for minor works and repairs) are now on a national list.

The works applied for no longer needs to wait for the DAC meeting for approval but can be agreed by the Archdeacon at any time.

New A & B lists have been produced by the Central Church and changes to the faculty legislation came into force on 1st January 2016.

Church Care website
where you will find full lists and details of changes to the legislation.

For further guidance or support, please contact the DAC Secretary.

Please note: if the scheme of works that you propose is not mentioned on the lists you will need to apply for faculty permission. Omission from the list is not a license to undertake the works.

DAC Notification of Advice

Before applying for a Faculty the intending petitioners require a DAC Notification of Advice. 

More information about how to apply

If you are unable to apply through the online system, please download the necessary application forms:

If the intended work involves either the lopping or removal of trees then a Form 15 application is also required. 

Click here for full details of what to include in an application.


Statement of Need means a document which sets out the reasons why it is considered that the needs of the parish cannot be met without making changes to the church building and the reasons why the changes are regarded as necessary to assist the church in its worship and mission.

Statement of Significance means a document which summarises the historical development of the church and identifies the important features that make major contributions to the character of the church.

Consultation with English Heritage, National amenity Societies and the local planning Authority (Appendix B Rule 3 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2000)

How does the process of applying for a faculty or Schedule B permission work?

Flow charts explaining how the processes for applying for a faculty and/or Schedule B permission work.