Diocese of Portsmouth

Pre-application advice

Before starting the application process please do contact the DAC Secretary for advice (email, 023 9289 9687). This will enable levels of permission to be clarified or for larger projects an ongoing dialogue and feedback on initial plans.

Applying for works

As a parish you may be undertaking minor repair work or considering major reordering schemes. All these can be applied for through the faculty online system and all levels of permission start with the same process. The parish petitioners will need to register on the Church of England website before applying for works.

Click here for the Online Faculty System website.

Once registered you can start a new application. The first part of this is decide on the level of permission needed, please note:

  • Schedule A and B permissions are for minor works and repairs. If the scheme of works that you propose is not mentioned on the lists you will need to apply for faculty permission. Omission from the list is not a license to undertake the works.
  • A & B works are now set out on a national list which is part of the application process – if the work does not fall into these categories please select “none of the above” on the form.
  • For a faculty application the online system combines the process of obtaining a notice of advice from the DAC, displaying the public notices and the applying for the faculty issued by the Diocesan Chancellor.

If you are unable to apply through the online system, please do contact us.

Supporting documents

For faculty applications supporting paperwork will need to be uploaded. This will usually include specifications, drawings, photos and statements.

Click here for full details of what to include in an application.

As part of the faculty process parishes are required to submit statements of need and significance. For minor works this can be a general description but for major projects we encourage parishes to start with these documents. A Statement of Need sets out the reasons why it is considered that the needs of the parish cannot be met without making changes to the church building and the reasons why the changes are regarded as necessary to assist the church in its worship and mission. A Statement of Significance summarises the historical development of the church and identifies the important features that make major contributions to the character of the church.

For advice and guidance on putting together the statements see the Church Care website:



If the work involves alteration to, or extension of, a church which is listed, is likely to affect the archaeological importance of the church, or involves demolition affecting the exterior of an unlisted church in a conservation area, you may need to consult further bodies or persons.

Consultation with English Heritage, National amenity Societies and the local planning Authority (Appendix B Rule 3 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2000)

The Application process an overview

Once an application has been submitted it will either be looked at by the Archdeacon (in consultation) for List B items or put on the agenda for the next full committee meeting for faculty items.

Flow charts explaining how the processes for applying for a faculty and/or Schedule B permission work.