Diocese of Portsmouth

How is My Local Church Funded?

At one time, it seemed that the Church of England was able to minister across the country without cost to the parishes. This is no longer the case and there is a need for financial support from donors.

Why is This?

Firstly, the cost of clergy has risen more than the rate of inflation over the last 60 years or so and this has occurred in order to ensure that our clergy are treated much more fairly than in the 1950’s. This has been achieved by addressing the level of both their stipends and housing provision.

Secondly, the central or national funds which financed a significant proportion of the activity within the Church of England were reduced in the latter part of the 20th Century resulting in reduced income streams.

This places the Church of England in a similar situation to other denominations of the Christian Church which have never enjoyed any national subsidy.

So How Are Our Churches Funded Now?

Those people involved in the leadership of our local churches look for appropriate ways to maintain the necessary income streams. The reality is that our local churches are now funded largely by the generosity of local people.

For most churches there is a need of several thousand pounds each month in order to provide ministry in their particular locality. Many of the costs are regular outgoings and therefore participating in planned giving is the most effective way to help your local church meet these costs.

How is My Local Church Funded?
Each individual church will have slightly different expenditure levels and patterns but the chart (left) provides an overview of a typical local parish.

There are continual progressive steps being taken:

  • Central administration costs continue to be managed and limited through the use of new technologies and the efficiencies embraced
  • PCCs are becoming increasingly effective in managing expenditure and adopting appropriate income streams;
  • Local congregations have responded well to the need to financially support their local church and donors are willing to become planned givers and to do so in the most efficient way.