Diocese of Portsmouth

    New Bishop of Portsmouth installed

    19 Sept. 2010

    IT was the start of a new era for Portsmouth diocese.

    Bishop Christopher began the service in a simple white robe before he was ceremonially dressed in the bishop's clothes.

    More than 1,100 worshippers crammed into our cathedral to see the Rt Rev Christopher Foster installed as the ninth Bishop of Portsmouth.

    The service mixed dignified formality with laughter, inspirational choral worship with informal praise, moments of great symbolism with moments of genuine affection.

    The service started with the bishop arriving at the west door dressed simply in white robes, accompanied with former colleagues from the St Albans diocese, where he was previously Bishop of Hertford.

    Bishop Christopher swore an oath of obedience to the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury, and was anointed with the oil of chrism by Bishop Ian, our commissary bishop, and our archdeacons.

    Young people from St Mary’s Church, Rowner, read words from the Bible as cathedral canons dressed him in a cope, mitre and pectoral cross to signify his new role.

    The moment that Bishop Christopher is 'enthroned' by the Archdeacon of Canterbury
    Bishop Christopher is officially welcomed by church and civic leaders

    He was then taken to the bishop’s throne in the cathedral as the cathedral choir sang an inspiring version of Hubert Parry’s I Was Glad. There he was officially ‘enthroned’ by the Archdeacon of Canterbury, the Ven Sheila Watson, on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

    The first thing that happened after that was a reminder by a 10-year-old girl, Faith Draper of Rowner, of Jesus’ words that we are all first and foremost children of God. Her words were followed by a fanfare of trumpets from Her Majesty’s Royal Marines.

    The new bishop was greeted by dignitaries, including the Lord Lieutenants of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, the Archbishop of West Africa and the dean of St John’s Roman Catholic cathedral.

    He was then presented by the dean to the congregation, who greeted him with warm applause and cheers.

    Bishop Christopher leaves the cathedral at the end of the service with the young people who prayed for him

    Bishop Christopher then preached, emphasising the shared nature of our discipleship, and reminding us of the pattern of that discipleship – humility, service and generosity.

    During the prayers, five young people from St Catherine’s Church, Ventnor, and Church of the Good Shepherd, Crookhorn laid hands on him to silently pray for his ministry.

    The newly-installed bishop with the entire congregation outside the cathedral

    After the service, the entire congregation followed Bishop Christopher out of the west doors, reminding them that they carried the gospel out into their communities.

    The congregation continued singing, led by a worship band from local parishes. Portsmouth Cathedral Choir sang an anthem composed by director of music David Price and Bishop Christopher then prayed for the city and diocese.

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