Diocese of Portsmouth

Leadership Training

Leadership Training is now hosted on the Church of England Training Portal where workbooks, coursework, case study and certificates will be held.  This will help individuals and the Diocese to keep track of most training completed in the Diocese.

Before enrolling on this course please refer to our training matrix here to check whether you need to complete this training.

In order to find dates and book onto courses please click here to be taken to the Church of England Training Portal.

  1. If you have completed Basic and Foundation training via the Portal you will already have an account so can logon straight away. If not, you will need to create an account by following the instructions onscreen.
  2. Once you are logged in click on ‘online courses’ where you will see the 'All Courses' screen.
  3. Click on Leadership to reach Diocese of Portsmouth.
  4. Click on ‘enrol me’, fill in your details, submit them, and then we will email you back as soon as possible to confirm your enrolment
  5. Once you receive the confirmation of your enrolment go back into the system and click on ‘Preparing to Learn.’
  6. Click on ‘choose a learning group’ and choose a date and time that suits your diary and make a note of the two dates and time and whether the course is in-person or on Zoom.
  7. Click on ‘Preparation Task.’
  8. Complete the written and reading tasks listed on this page. You will not be able to join the first session until this is done.
  9. Join the first group session on the date you have chosen (you will have chosen to attend either in person or via the Zoom link shown on the portal).If you are attending a Zoom session please login to the portal and click next on the Preparation Task Page. This will take you to the Zoom link.
  10. Between the first and second session, watch The Church’s Darkest Secret via the portal and complete your reflection on the Psalms. You need to do this via the portal in order to join session 2.
  11. Join the second group session either in person or via Zoom (whichever you have chosen).
  12. Following session 2, you will receive an email with the slides from the sessions and any handouts, along with the course evaluation (feedback) form. Please complete and submit the feedback form and send it back to us ASAP. 
  13. Please complete the final task for the pathway, which is your reflection and actions within 4-6 weeks of completing session 2.
  14. If you need to take a break from your work, just click the ‘Resume’ button on the Leadership Introduction page and you will be taken to the final evaluation task again.
  15. Click ‘Add Submission’ and you can either type your reflection into the box provided or, if you have completed it in a word document, you can upload it to the system.
  16. You will receive your certificate once the tutor has received all parts of your participation and marked these as complete.

Below are the next course dates available

Module No.Session 1Session 2TimeDayVenue
04416/11/2323/11/234 – 5.30pmThurZoom
04511/01/2418/01/247 – 8.30pmThurZoom
0466/2/2413/2/242-3.30pmTuesIOW tbc
04713/3/2420/3/249.30-11amWedsPeninsular House
04913/5/2420/5/244-5.30pmMonPeninsular House
0519/7/2416/7/243-4.30TuesPeninsular House