Diocese of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth

Partnership with University of Portsmouth Business School

The Diocese has a long-standing relationship with the Portsmouth Business School at The University of Portsmouth (UoP), who can provide an Independent Examination facility for a number of Parishes in connection with their Annual Report and Accounts. This is free of charge to the Parish and Diocese.

There are significant advantages to the University in this arrangement as it provides real world experience to their Accountancy Undergraduates.

Where possible Students will visit the parish to meet and get to know the Treasurer, but in most cases, communication will be online and documents will be submitted electronically.

The closing date for expressions of interest is 31 March each year, and all documents will need to be ready for submission to the examining team by 31 January in the following year, after year-end. This allows time for the examination to be completed and signed off by 31 March, when the student’s attention turns to their end of year examinations. In practice contact is made in the autumn to set the scene and make a start on some of the examination.

At the APCM of each parish, the appointment of the Independent Examiners is approved, and any parish wishing to take advantage of this relationship should contact the Diocese each year in time for this approval to take place.

There are limited places available and priority will be given to Parishes that are unable to source an Independent Examiner themselves.

If your Parish would like to take advantage of this arrangement, or you have any questions, please contact Chris Parker.